Organic Farming & IT solutions

ICO is finished and the funds are collected. The project starts implementation of the roadmap.

Agrivita is the manufacturer of organic products:
meat, milk, potatoes, vegetables, organic grains (oats, barley, wheat).
The company has experience in
exporting products to the countries of the European Union.
We actively cooperate with the Lomonosov Moscow State University.
We conduct scientific research in
the field of organic farming,
provide consulting services and expert support for farms.
Our company is engaged in the development
of digital solutions in agriculture.
The purpose of the development is to combine planning
and work processes with the processes of recording
and writing off seeds, pesticides and fertilizers in one program.
We are developing a platform that
takes into account the soil properties,
climatic and relief features of the territory,
as well as data obtained as a result of processing multispectral
images from the satellite and drones.

About the project

Agrivita farm is a new view of agriculture in Russia. Taking as a basis
many years of experience in agriculture, scientific knowledge and development
results in the field of ecology and rational nature management, as well as European
standards of eco-production, we create high-quality and ecologically clean products.
Guided not only by the requirements of the standard, but also by voluntary principles
of careful use of soil resources, we preserve nature and improve ecology.
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3D panorama of Agrivita farm

The virtual model is a reduced copy of the future farm, designed in real proportions

What is an organic product?

Nine basic principles of eco-production, which everyone should know


Healthy Soils

Farming is conducted on land that has been tested for ecological compatibility of soils


Quality control

At all stages, "from field to counter," strict requirements of certified eco-production


Complete absence of chemicals

A feature of organic agriculture is the complete abandonment of GMOs and inorganic fertilizers.


Animal Health

Special attention is paid to the conditions of animal maintenance, based on the principles of naturalness and humanity


Scientific approach

Our team includes scientists pedologists-environmentalists who apply the achievements of modern science in agriculture.


Pure taste

The taste of fresh vegetables, fresh milk, tender chicken meat is what organic farming gives us.


Clean area

Within a radius of 50 km from the farm there are no large and medium-sized industrial production.


Skilled personnel

The farm employs people who have undergone strict selection and special training in the subtleties of conducting organic farming.


Conservation of the ecosystem

Minimal impact on animals, plants and soils allows maintaining the natural balance of the ecosystem.

According to the European standards of organic production, all products must have a special certificate of quality листочек, issued by the European Food Safety Authority.
Structure of consumers of the organic market in Russia:
инфографика инфографика
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Agrivita Project is the concept of the organic agricultural farm based on the principles of EuroLeaf European Organic Farming Standard, as well as achievements of our team of specialists in the sphere of development of unique methods of organic agricultural farming maintenance under the scientific support of Lomonosov Moscow State University. The organic infrastructure with closed ecosystem (on the maximum self-procurement basis) is planned to be established on the basis of the functioning Eco-farm certified in accordance with European Organic Production Standard EU 834/07.

The company develops and actively implements IT technologies in agriculture, such as blockchain, smart agriculture, satellite imagery processing. The digital technologies used by the Agrivita Project contribute to an increase in efficiency in agriculture: the maximum yield with minimum costs.
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Team Agrivita

Andrey Kasatskiy

General Director

Aleksey Sorokin

Head of the Scientific Research Department

Timofey Brekhov

Head of the Cattle-Breeding Department

Evgeniy Tsvetnov

Head of the Economic Department

Oleg Makarov

Mentor, Expert in ecological and economic valuation

Aleksey Scheglov

Mentor, expert in functioning agricultural systems

Ivan Lavrentev

Blockchain Adviser

Andrey Ponomarenko

Front-end developer


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